Alexis offers an insight into the essence of Yoga.

Her classes provide students with an opportunity to increase their spiritual understanding of Yoga, combined with classical Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.

Emphasis is on remembering our connection to Source, through finding the place of stillness at our core. From this centre we can then move forward both in our practice and our everyday lives, tapping in to the wisdom of our higher selves to guide us through life’s challenges. The ancient wisdom of Sages and Yogis from the East is offered in a form relevant to contemporary life in the West. Alexis also draws on her deep understanding of the teachings of Buddha with an emphasis on acceptance of how things are as a foundation to the practice.

On a physical level the class is a full body work-out aimed at increasing and maintaining strength and suppleness, gently moving beyond our perceived limitations through conscious awareness of our own bodies

Alexis has practised yoga for 20 years in the UK, India and Ibiza. She is a mother of five and maintains physical, mental and emotional well-being through the practise of Yoga. She is a certified Sivananda teacher, having trained in the Bahamas in 2004, and is currently completing Kundalini teacher training with  international Kundalini Yoga school Amrit Nam Sarovar.